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Prophet CF

  • The ONLY boat you need for racing, riding waves, island-hopping, river adventures…or just learning to row. Now you can do it all in a single boat!
  • The lightest boat in the C1X class (51 lb / 23 kg, w/o outrigger)
  • Take your rowing to new places with confidence-inspiring performance in all conditions.
  • Handcrafted in the USA. Includes:
  • Aft-mounted Carbon Fiber wing rigger
  • Concept2 sculling oarlocks & 13mm stainless steel pins NOTE: Price shown is "EX WORKS" and DOES NOT include shipping. Purchaser is responsible for all shipping costs. To the extent that we are able to (we're still learning ), we will provide assistance with your shipping needs.

The NEXT Prophet CF features advanced carbon fiber, epoxy prepreg sandwich construction. Narrow-angle, stitched biaxial spread-tow carbon fiber does the grunt work. Unidirectional carbon fiber reinforcements in high-load zones enhance global stiffness. Strategically placed layers of aramid fiber, toughening veils, SAN core, and nano-toughened epoxy resin provide impact resistance.

Racing class: World Rowing/FISA C1x
Length, overall (LOA): 6m / 19’8"
Beam, max.: 87.4 cm / 34"
Beam, design waterline (DWL): 53.6 cm / 21"
Weight (w/o ballast; w/o outrigger): 25.5 kg / 56 lb
Hull & Deck construction: Carbon fiber/aramid/epoxy resin composite sandwich
Hull & Deck reinforcements: HS spread-tow, narrow-angle biaxial carbon fiber, non-crimped fabric (NCF)
  HS unidirectional carbon fiber
  Aramid, 4-harness satin weave
  Deck only: Woven carbon fiber twill (for cosmetics)
Hull & deck structural core: Gurit Corecell M Foam (SAN)
Resin system: Custom epoxy prepreg w/ Kaneka Ace MX Core-Shell Toughener
Finish: AkzoNobel Awlgrip Awlcraft 2000 or Awlcraft SE acrylic urethane
Rigger: Stern-mounted, carbon fiber/epoxy composite
Fin: Carbon fiber/epoxy composite
Foot stretcher assembly: Carbon fiber/epoxy composite
Seat assembly: Carbon fiber epoxy composite seat; hardcoat anodized (black) 6063-T5 aluminum rails. Wheels: Solid Delrin (POM), thermoplastic races, Delrin (POM) bearing balls
Deck Bungee assembly: 3mm shock cord, carbon fiber-reinforced nylon fittings with 316 stainless steel fasteners
Bottle Cage Standoffs: Two, carbon fiber-reinforced nylon fittings w/ 316 stainless steel fasteners


NEXTBoatworks LLC warrants its boats and all included components to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of five years from time of shipment. This web page incorporates our sole warranty: no other warranty or guaranty of any kind is expressed or implied.

The warranty is transferable, provided that either the prior owner or the new owner of the boat register the transfer on the NEXT Boatworks LLC website.

Our warranty does not apply to any boat or component that has been: improperly installed, maintained, or stored; abused; neglected; damaged in transit from or to the NEXT Boatworks factory; damaged in a collision or accident of any kind; modified or repaired without our specific prior approval.
Effects of normal wear and tear on a boat and boat components in a coastal environment.
Cost of shipping or transporting a boat to or from a repair facility location.

Boat owner’s exclusive remedy shall be limited to repair or replacement of boat or boat component. In the case of a claim by an original owner, the additional remedy of refund of original purchase price shall be available. Any available remedy described hereunder shall be granted at the sole discretion of NEXT Boatworks LLC.
In no event shall boat owner’s available remedies exceed the limits set forth in Paragraph 1 of this section.
Any repair work undertaken under the terms of this Warranty shall be performed exclusively by NEXT Boatworks LLC or by a party approved in advance by NEXT Boatworks LLC.

Indicated price DOES NOT include shipping: Purchaser is responsible for all shipping costs. To the extent that we are able, we will provide, to the extent possible, coordination assistance with your shipping needs. AFFIRM USERS PLEASE NOTE: If one or more items in your order has an extended ship date, your loan payment(s), including interest, may be due before your build is complete or we ship your boat. Please note that you may not receive a rebate of any interest that may have already accrued on an amount that later gets refunded.

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