Prophet CF

An instant legend, the Prophet CF reboots your rowing by answering the question, "Where would you row in a performance boat you can row anywhere?" Loaded with first-in-class innovations. Components designed in-house specifically for coastal rowing.

Bred to thrive in challenging conditions, the Prophet CF pierces small chop yet climbs large rollers with ease. In breaking waves, the Prophet CF breaks out the grins.

Racers appreciate the Prophet’s speed, responsiveness, and efficiency in waves. Adrenaline junkies find its capability in big waves addictive. Tourers appreciate the carrying capacity. Beginners gain confidence instantly from stable and predictable handling.

Tapered Stern

A skinny butt is the ticket to hydrodynamic efficiency & glide.

Who doesn't love glide?

But the real magic happens when you play in big waves, and the narrow after sections keep everything calm & collected. No "stern suck" here!

Side Drains

A NEXT Boatworks exclusive, exquisitely designed side drains allow a short & efficient path out of the boat for boarding water.

The result is reduced water ingress, minimizing the impact on your next stroke.

Adjustable Fin

Tired of one-sided rowing in a cross breeze? We've got you covered, with a 100% adjustable-from-the-cockpit fin that allows you to balance the boat in all conditions.

Oh, and yes, the fin is easily retracted (or removed completely) for stress-free beach landings, launches and hauls!

Cockpit Innovations


The Prophet's ultra-wide seat tracks give you a “broad stance" in the boat, enhancing stability in sloppy conditions, and maximum control in waves. 

Say goodbye to the dreaded “track bite” and bruised calves, and hello to full, unrestricted leg extension!


OK, we kinda reinvented the wheel. Sand, seaweed and grit are the natural enemies of seat wheels. These monster wheels roll over the coastal stuff that hangs up standard rowing seat wheels.

No metal parts means no more corroded wheel bearings!


Standard seat rails are concave, trapping coastal sand and grit. The Prophet's convex seat rails work with its big concave wheels to keep things clear, providing smooth, uninterrupted rowing.


A wider foot brace places your feet in natural alignment with your hips, for a more ergonomic leg drive.

The benefit: enhanced stability in rough or surfy conditions.

Full Hull Flare

A heaping share of flare means plenty of reserve stability. Novice rowers feel instantly confident and secure on the water, and advanced rowers are free to push the limits of big wave rowing.

Reverse Bow

The Prophet CF deploys her fine bow to slice through chop like a hot knife through butter.

Full Foredeck

The fine bow sections transition seamlessly into the fullest foredeck sections in the class.

The resulting buoyancy allows the Prophet to rise smoothly over large waves, and prevents diving while surfing.

Round Bottom

With no hard chines or flat sections, the bottom's curvature minimizes hydrodynamic resistance, enabling effortless glide.

Leak-Free Design

With military-grade surface-mount anchors, the Prophet is free of unnecessary penetrations that leak. (The deck is penetrated only by our bespoke drain & vent fittings.)

Innovation from Stem to Stern

At NEXT Boatworks we breathe innovation. From its reverse bow to its tapered stern, the Prophet defies convention, creating a beautiful testament to the "blank slate" design approach that produced it.