About Us

About Next Boatworks

Bred on the New England coast, co-founders Ben Booth & Dennis Loebs instill the coastal spirit in every NEXT Boatworks design.

NEXT boats are designed by an extreme coastal rower to perform with poise in all conditions, from a small wind chop to overhead surf. Our designs don't originate on a computer screen--they are forged directly from the volatile waters of the New England coast.

Stir in a heap of design innovation & a generous dose of detail.

The result is a line-up of boats that are easy to row, fun, rewarding, adaptable & safe.

At NEXT Boatworks we build boats without limits, boats that set your imagination humming, boats that raise your aspirations, boats with the capability to transform your life.

The NEXT wave in rowing has arrived!

Our Mission

At NEXT Boatworks, our mission is simple: spread the fun, the joy, & the physical & spiritual rewards of rowing as far and wide as possible.

We execute that mission by designing & building a new breed of boats that defy convention & category—fun boats that are accessible to anybody, any time, on any body of water.

Our Beliefs

Rowing is an ancient and universal mode of human transportation, adventure, sport and exploration. Evolved across millennia, today it is dominated by esoteric flatwater racing craft.

Classic flatwater rowing sculls are great--at racing in a straight line on protected waters!

We believe in rowing without boundaries, in fun, responsive, and safe boats. We believe in designing boats that give rowers the confidence to row wherever and whenever the mood strikes them, regardless of conditions.

We believe in designing boats that allow virtually anybody to learn to row on their own terms & at their own pace.

At NEXT Boatworks, we're champions of a new rowing era. We're here to help reclaim rowing's universal appeal and take it to new places. Our mission is clear, our beliefs resolute, and our boats exceptional.

Join us as we embark on this journey to redefine rowing into an experience for all, across all waters.