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We are shaping the future of rowing, with fun "all-conditions" boats designed for all rowers.









Join the rowing revolution.

Start your rowing journey with a Next-Gen boat from NEXT Boatworks.

Blending an uncanny blend of high performance with versatility, our boats are designed to unleash your rowing potential--whether that means coastal racing, riding waves, island-hopping, harbor touring, river adventures, or just learning to row.

By Design.

The only World Rowing "coastal" sculls designed by big-wave coastal rower & coach of World Champions, Ben Booth. NEXT boats out-perform the competition when the "going gets coastal!"

Our Models


Different boats, with different personalities, for different budgets.

Game-changing performance in ALL CONDITIONS.

Prophet CF

From $12,500

Remedy FG

From $5,750


  • "Truly does make for next-level rowing."
    Amir M.
  • "Completely changed my definition of 'too windy to row'.”
    Matt H.
  • “Truly a work of art...looks like it is moving while it is standing still...Glide, speed and tracking are unsurpassed...sheds water easily while minimizing backflow into the boat...a very dry boat compared with others I have rowed.”
    Paul P.
  • “Truly exceeds my expectations...exceptional performance, superior construction, and versatility make it a great investment.”
    Bob R.
  • “On the waves or rougher water was where I really was wowed by how comfortable I was. On choppy water...I felt really confident in the boat underneath me...has a much more natural hip-width foot position...The seat is also much wider than I have seen...absolutely comfortable...For anyone looking to go out in less-than-perfect conditions with confidence...the Next needs to be high on your list.”
    Hannah R.
  • “Pleased by how easily it managed far rougher conditions than I would ever have ventured out in previously. The Next’s stability, the way it cuts through small waves and rides larger, its ability to surf, and general handling are impressive.”
    Tucker H.